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The Sound of the Strikes

From the Sound Lab

In February and March, many Universities across the United Kingdom were affected by the largest wave of industrial action to hit the sector for many years. For this episode of the Global Lab, we spoke to Tony Brown and Sean Wallis from UCL's University and College Union branch about why the strikes took place.

To give you a sense of what it felt like to be out on the streets during the dispute, we conducted interviews on the picket line and made binaural audio recordings of the two marches that took place in central London during the strikes.

Binaural recordings are recorded using two microphones to create the illusion of a 3D soundscape. Best listened to on headphones…

Produced by Valerio Signorelli and Duncan Hay
---Released by:The Global LabRelease date:20 June 2018The Sound of the Strikes by The Global Lab is licensed under a  Creative Commons License.

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