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Educational Development (No replies)

1 year ago
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Educational Development is a controversial area in HE and therefore prone to restructuring in all institutions.

At Queen Mary the function has been through several structures.

Educational and Staff Development

Set up by Steve Ketteridge after the Dearing Report raised the issue of educational development and the aim of professionalising teaching in Higher Education. An independent directorate it reported directly to the VP Learning and Teaching.

The Learning Institute

The change to the Learning Institute was self-planned, and had a budget to pay for re-branding etc. It was controversial in a number of aspects, including the name as it was not a research institute, although it was in part modelled on the institutes which were developing at Kings, Oxford and elsewhere, but they employed staff on academic contracts which was never an option at Queen Mary.  Key to the Learning Institute would have been an advisory board chaired by the VP - however the new VP refused to take up that role and the board never happened, neither did the proposed Journal and other developments.

Centre for Academic Professional Development

When Steve Ketteridge retired there was a period of considerable turbulence and a more traditional restructuring led by HR, resulting in a new management team.  Central to the new structure was a joint directorate with an executive and an academic director.  The former would run the Centre, while the latter would provide academic credibility to the Centre.  An academic director was appointed after internal advertising (whether posts are internally or externally advertised is always an interesting decision, especially in restructuring) but the executive director post was never filled.  The person expected to take the post left during, and probably as a result of the process and despite re-advertising it and head-hunting it was never filled.  The academic director then became the sole director.

Academic Development

The change to Academic Development was quite sudden, and without any clear rationale.  A widespread view is that the Director of CAPD lost the confidence of senior management.  The change was never effectively communicated to the rest of the university, and the staff were left to work out the strategy and operation of the new structure.  Educational Development became part of Academic Development, along with Learning Development, Engagement Retention and Success, and e-learning and researcher development which had been part of CAPD.  Academic Development is part of Student and Academic Services, in Professional Services - a very tall hierarchy and large organisational structure. This change is taking some time to consolidate, and the future is of course not certain.

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