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National orgs

National Governmental organisations

Minister of State for Universities and Science


Office for students

The independent regulator.

Advance HE

Was HEA, Leadership Foundation and Equality Challenge Unit

Coordinating Groups

Universities UK Russell Group Others


Campaigning and information sources


Higher education: policy, people and politics.

Useful Monday briefing

Convention for Higher Education

The Convention for Higher Education is an initiative of academics and activists in our sector. Colleagues from the Campaign for the Public University, Council for the Defence of British Universities and the University and Colleges Union have come together to defend our sector.


Campaign for the Public University

The UK Campaign for the Public University is open to all. It is a broad-based campaign with no party or other political affiliation. It has been initiated by a group of university teachers and graduate students seeking to defend and promote the idea of the university as a public good. We believe that the public university is essential both for cultivating democratic public life and creating the means for individuals to find fulfillment in creative and intellectual pursuits regardless of whether or not they pursue a degree programme.

Council for the Defence of British Universities

A more mainstream group

Universities and Colleges Union  LSE Impact blog

Started as a blog focused on research impact in the social sciences but is now much wider.


Twitter hashtags

There have been a number of hastags used on twitter recently beyond the strike discussion - they include


#reclaimtheuniversity - originated in Aberdeen

 The 1752 Group - The 1752 Group is a UK-based research and lobby organisation working to end sexual misconduct in higher education.


 Academic Freedom watch

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