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Get involved.

Reclaiming the university as community.

This is a guide to getting involved in the website project, covering the technical details – there are also community guidelines.

Anyone can visit the site, see the pages and take part in most of the forums and chats.

If you register on the site (link on the bottom of the page - centre), you will also be able to add comments to the pages and posts.  If you email telling us who you are we will give you additional permissions as appropriate - either as author or editor.

The site – how to do things

The site is a wordpress site with an additional layer of social interaction on top (the forums).

Forums are designed for interaction – many are currently empty because they are waiting for you!  In order to keep the site as open as possible – anyone can see and take part in the forums.

All the elements of the site are fairly easy to use so please go ahead and use then – admins can reverse anything you do it things go wrong so don’t worry.

WordPress elements

    • Pages are permanent parts of the structure of the website and need to be placed in a menu. If you create a page and are not sure where to put it email and we will sort it out. Perhaps you would like to take on the update of a page or series of pages?
    • Posts are blog posts – so short term and not part of the structure, being listed chronologically. Blog posts are sent to some social media outlets automatically, if you are reposting something from social media you may want to switch that off – top right-hand panel of the post editing page.  (for more about the differences between posts and pages)

There are other functions on the site - do explore and use any you find useful - but posts and pages are the main structure.

Any questions email us





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