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Gender issues in HE

There are a number of gender issues in HE currently:

The Gender pay gap - there has been lots in the media about this and a long campaign by UCU to get QM to release the local figures, which like nationally are not good.

Gender based violence and sexual harassment also continues to be a problem for institutions.

The 1752 Group is a national research and lobby organisation working to end staff-to-student sexual misconduct in higher education.  Other groups and organsiations include staff-staff misconduct.

There are a number of local groups ie at SOAS

AccountForThis was formed as the response and outcome of an ongoing struggle by a group of students @SOAS to address the institution’s inefficient and indifferent responses to complaints of #genderbasedviolence (i.e #sexualharassment/#sexualassault/#rape). #SOAS @soassu 1/7 

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