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Decolonising the curriculum

Particularly based in the Humanities and institutions such as SOAS the decolonising the curriculum movement aims to challenge the domination of white colonial voices in the curriculum.

Particular examples include:

The BARC Collective:

The BARC Collective came together in 2016, connecting through a shared interest in decolonising critical management studies and scholar-activism. We believe that business and management studies consistently centres whiteness and Anglo-American capitalist ideologies that are inherently damaging and exploitative. In response, we are working to create strategies and possibilities for alternative learning and working conditions. Our practices include critical research and methodologies, arts-led interventions, inclusive workshopping and centring the marginalised in society. We are influenced by a variety of radical and critical thinkers and activists; please see our suggested reading list for more information. We are part of the Decolonizing Alliance initiative that seeks to invigorate activism across universities around the world.

The BARC collective is organising a workshop at QMUL on the 18th/19th October

Decolonising at Keele

The Critical Pedagogies Group, Westminster and Birkeck, have decolonising as their current focus, with a reading group meeting throughout the year.

QMUL Student Society

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