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Continuing USS Dispute

The on-going action to protect the USS pension.

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Discussion forum

Useful resources:

USS Briefs - a series of briefing papers - well recommended





Institute of Education site including the strike in the news list

A compilation of posts about the dispute from Andrew Chitty at Sussex

UCU page

Wikipedia page giving the history

From an email from the UCU branch - other sources of information

    1. UCL UCU on the timeline and status of Friday’s offer:
    2. Dennis Leech on the proposed panel of experts:
    3. One of our member’s father is a retired, senior financial services industry executive and has been commenting. This is on the expert panel:
    4. UCU Left’s argument to maintain strike action until there is a commitment to not make detrimental changes to your pension:
    5. Our own Lee Jones’s discussion and recommendations:

Carlo Morelli (striker/negotiator) video on why we should reject the current proposal

A last reminder that in the 1990s and 2000s, employers knowingly paid in to USS at a lower rate than before and at a rate that they new to be less than required to cover new obligations. This quote from Goldsmiths’ Financial Statements is damning:

“The institution contribution rate required for future service benefits alone at the date of the valuation was 16.3% of salaries, but it was agreed that the institution contribution rate would be maintained at 14% of salaries.” (p28). Past surpluses were used to cover the contributions holiday.

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